M+W Central Europe GmbH

Refineries and petrochemistry

M+W Central Europe GmbH is your reliable partner from consulting and planning to the turnkey realisation of your plant for the industry segments of:

  • Refineries
  • Petrochemistry

Our globally operating experts have many years of project experience and
will ensure the interface-free coordination of the work and quality of the project implementation. 

Range of services:

Process engineering

Support with all basic operations

  • Flow diagrams (block flow diagram, process flow diagram, pipeline and instruments flow diagram)
  • Layout and set-up planning
  • Calculations
  • Balances
  • Equipment layout (pumps, heat exchanges, etc.)
  • Support with risk assessments
  • Datasheets for machines & equipment
  • PLT datasheets
  • Safety devices

Plants & pipeline technology

  • Inventory laser scanning
  • Schedules and lists
  • Layout, calculations
  • Pipeline class preparation
  • Routing, path planning, pipeline studies
  • Space management
  • Detail planning of pipelines incl. fittings, brackets, insulation
  • Special support
  • Component calculations
  • Pipe tension calculations
  • Isometrics
  • Bills of material (MTO, material take-off)

Machines & equipment

  • Mechanical layout (AD-2000, ASME)
  • Calculation / optimisation
  • Equipment control drawings
  • Request & order documents, proposal comparisons
  • Welding test
  • Drawing test
  • Approval of the manufacturer documents

Solid construction / steel construction and technical building equipment

Process automationn

  • Instrumentation
  • Process management technology
  • MES and ERP (vertical system integration)
  • Electrical engineering
  • Communication technology
  • Safety / security technology

References from refinery and petrochemistry customers

Confidential Client (Germany)
Conversion and extension of the refinery

For more references please see our References page.

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Range of services within the area of the refineries and petrochemistry